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Set Your Campaigns Up for Success by Exiting the Learning Phase

Set Your Campaigns Up for Success by Exiting the Learning Phase

If your ads are stuck in the learning phase, here's what you can do.

What is the learning phase?

The learning phase occurs after you launch or edit a campaign, when Meta is still learning who to show your ads to. Performance is less stable and cost per action (CPA) may be higher. If your ads are stuck in the learning phase, you will see 'learning limited' in the delivery column of Ads Manager. Follow the tips below to exit the learning phase faster so your campaign can perform its best.
1. How should I structure my ad sets?
Use broad targeting and consolidate ad sets
If your audience is under 2 million, you might not get enough results to exit the learning phase. Check the audience definition tool to see your audience size and adjust if needed. Use detailed targeting expansion and combine similar audiences into one ad set to reach more people. Ad sets targeting the same audience can cause your ads to compete with each other, so combining them can improve your results.
Opt in to Advantage+ placements
Consider combining your ad sets and opt in to Advantage+ placements so Meta can serve your ads where they are most likely to perform.
Choose the right optimisation goal
When selecting the optimisation for your campaign, make sure that you choose the one closest to your business goal. If you have a pixel but are running a traffic campaign optimised for link clicks, consider a sales campaign to optimise for conversion events that are more relevant to your business. This could be purchases, landing page views, leads or signups.

2. How should I set up budgets and bids?
Ensure your budget is sufficient
If your budget is too low, you may not be getting enough results to exit the learning phase. To allocate your budget, multiply your previous cost per action (CPA) by your desired number of conversions or results.
Try Advantage campaign budget
Advantage campaign budget ensures that your budget is going towards the ad set that is most cost effective. Try A/B testing your campaign to see if Advantage campaign budget improves your results.
Use the highest volume bid strategy
Meta recommends highest volume bidding for your campaign. The highest volume bid strategy maximises the results that you can get from your budget. If you have a cost cap or bid cap, you may want to increase them to get more results.

3. How else can I get out of learning phase?
Improve your ad creative
If everything in your campaign is set up properly, consider using new ad creative to see if your audience responds to it better.
Wait before editing your campaigns
It's best to wait a week after making edits to your campaign to see if you're able to exit the learning phase. Every time you edit your campaign, the learning phase restarts and the delivery system has to learn again, so it's important not to edit too often.
Ensure that you're getting enough optimisation events
Most campaigns require fifty optimisation events to exit the learning phase. If your campaigns aren't getting enough conversions, consider switching to an optimisation event that occurs more often.

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