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Latest Projects

Scale x Yumnak



Based on Chrome Advisory's experience in working with talented founders over the past years, they have developed a specialized program for growth stage startups and SMEs called Scale, which aims to prepare founders for expansion and access to investment opportunities. The Scale program is characterized by a set of systematic stages, consisting of a package of specialized lectures delivered by experts in fields critical to the internal workings of startups, followed by practical workshops as well as industry specific mentoring. The program is geared towards startups in their growth stage (series A and beyond) and focuses on the “Investment Readiness” of the participants preparing to meet investors; from data rooms to valuation reports, and everything required by investors to complete their due diligence process before making an investment decision.​

Chrome Advisory have developed a tailor made program with Savola World aimed at supporting startups in the food sector, enabling them to achieve their desired expansion scale.
The campaign was focused on digital communication using website, social media, email, podcast and articles.

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